Web Development

Our web development services aim to deliver customized websites that meet the unique requirements of our clients. Our expertise in using PHP, Javascript and Mysqli, along with the WordPress CMS, gives us the capability to develop websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Trip Advisor.

I Love Brand Awareness in Web Development

In all our web development projects, we keep the company’s brand image in mind. Our focus on visual elements such as the logo, color scheme, layout, and imagery helps us design websites that effectively communicate your brand’s vision to your audience.

I Love Functionality in Web Development

We approach each web development project from the ground up to ensure uniqueness and meeting client requirements. Our custom-built websites offer clients more control over the end results, even though it may come at a higher cost.

I Love Website Sales

We build custom websites with a focus on converting visitors into customers. Our design and functionality aim to persuade users to engage with your business, whether it be through making a purchase, sending an inquiry, or signing up.

I Love Website Administrative Tools

We also provide administrative tools to simplify website management and automate processes. Our tools include user, product, event, and financial management, among others.

I Love Our web development services can include custom features such as

  • Custom Design
  • Membership Websites
  • User Profiles
  • Message Boards
  • Uploads / Downloads
  • Data Capturing
  • Listings
  • Search Filtering
  • Image Galleries
  • Email Notifications
  • Moderator / Admin Login
  • Sales Systems
  • Payment Integration
  • Access Logs

Website Development - Pricing

The cost of our web development services varies based on project requirements and cannot be determined online. Our custom website development starts from R10 000 and can range up to R100 000. A well-designed website can become a valuable asset, depending on the business model and the level of work involved in delivering a quality project.

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