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CyberDevs Website Maintenance Services

Our Website Maintenance services are good for all businesses that require frequent updates on their websites. Many clients do not desire to do their own website changes/updates. Therefore, we have created a system that allows savings on bulk purchases. Our maintenance services allow you to get work done at a lower hourly rate than our normal rate of R250 per hour.

I Love Maintenance Packages Benefits

  1. Our maintenance packages are loaded in minutes. This means that if you buy a maintenance package, you will not be billed for the full hour if we only do 20 minutes of work. Instead, we will add the extra time as a credit for your future updates.
  2. We are willing to work on more than one website per client under the same maintenance package.
  3. Allow you to get work done at a lower hourly rate than our normal hourly rate.

Website Maintenance Service Rates

Package Cost Per Hour Rate
60 Minutes (Normal Rate) R350 R350
180 Minutes R975 R325
300 Minutes R1500 R300
600 Minutes R2750 R275
1200 Minutes R5000 R250

CyberDevs Website Security Services

Our website security services will help defend your website from viruses, malware and hackers.

Why do websites get hacked?

Hackers often target businesses without robust security measures because they know these organizations are vulnerable to attack. These attacks can take many forms, from placing malware on a website to steal information, to hijacking computers or sites. The impact of these attacks can be devastating for a business, leading to damage to reputation, loss of sensitive information, and even blacklisting by search engines and spam lists. Small organizations, in particular, can be at a disadvantage as they may not have the resources or technical expertise to defend against these threats. Therefore, it’s crucial for businesses, especially small ones, to take cyber security seriously and invest in the necessary measures to protect their operations and reputation.

So, how can we help you secure your website?

We offer a service to clean and secure your website. We will charge R500* to clean your website, put the necessary measures in place to avoid future attacks and also get you off of blacklists.
*Please note that for larger websites this fee could be more. Contact us for a obligation free quote.

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